Why use a Mortgage Broker in Canada? by Gary Bains

With the current state of the economy and lowest interest rates in a generation, many people have been trying to get in on some great real estate deals. If you are contemplating the purchase of a property you will really need to consider the services of a qualified mortgage broker. In the past when you wanted to buy a house you would walk down to your local bank and apply for a mortgage. You where at the mercy of the bank manager and their decision would dictate whether or not you would become a home owner. In our modern economy it is all about choice and competition so where there was only a few lenders to choose from now their are more options. The challenge is it can be very time consuming to find out which lenders to go to for the best mortgage you need a mortgage broker.

You may ask why would I use the mortgage broker when I can go to the lenders myself. You can go to the lenders directly but the mortgage broker will always be able to get you a better deal and the reason is the broker does a large volume of mortgages in a month and a year and these lenders want this business so they offer the mortgage broker volume discounts and the ability to buy down interest rates. What that means is the floor rate they can offer you is always superior to the one you would get on your own so it pays to be aware of this since the savings is really substantial