Mortgage Associate

Hey Everyone! After spending 20 minutes of my life wondering if I should write this bio in the third or first person, I came up with this …

I’ve written a thorough “about me” article on my website for you here:

I’m guessing 90% of the people visiting this page are other Canada Mortgage Direct agents curious to see what I’ve written. I was.

Maybe another 5% of readers are other Brokers checking out Canada Mortgage Direct agents.

Another 4.99% of visitors or marketers looking to sell me something – lol.

For the 0.01% of readers who might be legitimate clients, I’m thinking this is where you want to hear about great rates, great service, industry experience etc. Yes, you get all of that with me.

You might also like to know I ski in the winter, mountain bike in the summer, getting into 1/2 marathon road racing, I back country camp and generally carry a positive disposition in life.

Call or email me directly, visit my website OR continue perusing other Mortgage Broker bio’s.