Mortgage Associate

Think the mortgage industry is due for a shift in thinking? Do you think mortgage professionals need to think differently now? Then you will enjoy working with Greg Williamson, and his team. Greg is a multifaceted award winning mortgage professional, communicator and entrepreneur who is invigorated by the thrill of new opportunities.

Greg and his team have done over 10,000 real estate transactions in his career and have managed well in excess of two billion dollars in mortgages for their clients.

His mortgage strategy presentation will leave you thinking, his approach is direct, and he has been known to leave real techniques, not overused rehashed systems from the past, that are focussed on mitigating risk for customers. You will enjoy the authenticity of his proven systems for moving from a “lowest interest rate is the only thing” mindset, to a “lowest overall cost of home ownership” mindset.

Favorite Quote: “Some people see things and ask Why? I see things that have not happened yet and ask Why Not?”